Alexey Yablokov

In June 2016, while filming our documentary, "The Secret Whales", we had the privilege of interviewing Alexey Yablokov. He accomplished much throughout his scientific and political career; a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, acting as President Boris Yeltsin’s environmental advisor, founding Russian Greenpeace, and leading the Green political party Yabloko. He defended nature and those who worked for it, never compromising his principles. Even though we only spent a couple of days with him, he left an indelible impression on us. His passionate idealism was truly inspiring. Regretfully, in early 2017 Alexey Yablokov passed away. Here are some moments from our two full days of interviews with him that we hope capture his spirit.

“If we don’t have reverence for nature, for life, we will become extinct”, Alexey Yablokov, June 2016